How many people can view your website or files before the site crashes. My website's bandwidth is 75 gigabytes a month. If I had only one file on my website and it was exactly 1 gigabyte in size, then 75 people could look at the file. When the 76th person tries to view the file, it will not work. If you find your website often crashes or uses up all the bandwidth, you will probably want to pay for more.


"Chmodding" a file involves changing the permissions — who can access/use/change the file? If your website uses cPanel, the option to "chmod" is in the "File Manager".


(Cascading Style Sheets) A programming language that allows you to style HTML documents. You cannot create actual content with CSS.


Many paid website hosting has cPanel installed. You can usually access it by going to http://www.yourdomain.com/cpanel. The cPanel lets you do lots of things to your website, including looking at stats, changing files, using databases, and much more.


Your own special website address. My domain is coolcherrycream.com. Domains are paid for in real money.


(HyperText Markup Language) A programming language which forms the basis of what you see on the web.


The image that appears beside the website address in the address bar or beside the website name if it's bookmarked/in your Favourites.


A programming language with interactive features. This is not the same as Java.


A database management system.


(PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) A programming language that allows you to use dynamic (changing) rather than static (unchanging) content.


Allows access top MySQL databases.

Sub Domain

A site inside a site. https://fan.coolcherrycream.com/. Usually if people cannot afford or do not want to buy a domain, they may have a friend give them some space and a subdomain from their website.


(Uniform Resource Locator) Another word for a website address. The URL of this page is https://spiders.coolcherrycream.com/tutorials/dictionary.php. A URL that begins with something like C:\Documents and Settings\Your Name\My Documents\ will not work on the internet. That file is on your computer and only you can access it. You must upload it to the internet for others to be able to see it.