Anchor Tutorial


  1. Find the part of the page you want the anchor to link to in the HTML Code. Put this code just before that part and replace NAME with the name of your anchor:
    <a name="NAME"></a>
  2. Find the place where you want to put words or an image that you can click on that will take you to the anchor. Put this code in that spot (make sure to change NAME to the same name you put above!):
    <a href="#NAME">TEXT</a>
  3. Change TEXT in the code above to what you want the link that you click on to say. You can also use an image to link to the anchor.

    If you want more than one anchor on the page, you still use the same code, but make sure that no two anchors have the same name!

    If you want to link to an anchor on another page, then you need to put the URL of the page with the anchor in the code, like so:
    <a href="">Click here!</a>

Anchor Example