Avatar and Signature Set Photoshop Tutorial

Programs Needed


  1. Open Photoshop.
  2. Go to File > New > Blank File. Set both the height and width to 80 pixels.
    Blank image
  3. Select the Gradient Tool Gradient Tool and fill in the image.
  4. Go to the Filter menu and use some effects to make the background cooler.
    Curly effect
  5. Find a picture that you would like to use on your avatar.
    Keith Moon
  6. Leave the avatar image open. Open the new image in Photoshop.
  7. Go to Select > All.
  8. Go to Edit > Copy.
  9. Go back to the avatar image.
  10. Go to Edit > Paste.
  11. Position the image using the Mover Tool Mover Tool.
  12. If your image covers the avatar background, it is not transparent. To fix it, select the Magic Wand Tool Magic Wand Tool.
  13. Hold down Shift and click on the areas that you would like to get rid of. Increase the Tolerance if the Magic Wand doesn't select enough, decrease the Tolerance if it selects too much.
  14. Go to Edit > Cut.
    Image with background
  15. Go to Layers > New > Layer. Click OK.
  16. Select the Text Tool Text Tool. Click on your avatar.
  17. Type your avatar text and choose your font, size, and colour.
    Avatar with text
  18. Position the text using the Mover Tool Mover Tool.
    Positioned text
  19. Add a border or other effects.
  20. Go to File > Save As and save your image.
  21. Repeat steps 2 - 20 for your signature, but make the width of the image 200 pixels.

Avatar and Signature Set Example

Completed avatar Completed signature