Background Paint Shop Pro Tutorial

Programs Needed


  1. Open Paint Shop Pro.
  2. Go to File > New. Set both the height and width to 100 pixels.
    Blank image
  3. Go to View > Palettes and make sure Materials has been selected.
  4. Go to View > Toolbars and make sure Tools is selected.
  5. Select the Flood Fill Tool Flood Fill and fill in the image.
  6. Go to the Effects menu and use some effects to make the background cooler.
    Gradient with effects
  7. Go to Effects > Reflection Effects > Pattern.
  8. Click Reset Reset.
  9. Play with the Horizontal Offset and Vertical Offset settings only. Click OK.
  10. Go to File > Save As and save your image.
  11. Get the code for you background image.

Background Example

Background example