Mailing List Script

This is a simple mailing list script that you can install on your website for free.

Files Included

mailinglistfooter.php, mailinglistheader.php, and mailingliststyle.css are also included to change the style of the page.



The "send email" function does not work in the demo, but feel free to subscribe, unsubscribe, delete, and edit email addresses.
mailinglist.php and mailinglistadmin.php


  1. Follow the MySQL Tutorial to create a username and database for the mailing list.
  2. Upload the files to your website. Do not rename them.
  3. Open mailinglistconnect.php and change the username, password, and database variables with the ones found in the MySQL Tutorial.
  4. Also in mailinglistconnect.php, change the adminEmail variable to the email address you want the mailing list to be sent from.
  5. Run mailinglistinstall.php.
  6. When you receive the message "Table created successfully. Please delete mailinglistinstall.php now.", you should delete the file from your website.

Version History

Version 4.0 (January 7, 2012)

Version 3.0 (July 13, 2011)

Version 2.0 (June 8, 2008)

Version 1.0 (January 26, 2008)


If you have any problems with this script, you can contact me.